A good problem to have?

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From the "No Crimes Against Transparency Department":

Z1 fans, tomorrow is the big day! The team has been working furiously up to the release of Season 3 on Wednesday and we're truly humbled by the excitement and anticipation we're seeing in the community of current and former players. After a few internal discussions today with our publisher, Daybreak Games, we realize that there's actually a possibility of hitting maximum capacity in some of our regions during peak hours (particularly EU, Asia and NA). We're doing our best to prepare for an influx of players, which would obviously be great, but in the event of a massive flood of players, it is possible that some of you may experience some long queue times until we are able to stand up additional infrastructure. We'll be watching the numbers like a hawk, so if that starts to happen, we'll definitely let you know and update you on what we're doing about it.

Thank you!

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