Ranked Pro and Combat Zone Update



  • MetallMayhemMetallMayhem Member

    I would love to see CZ come back as a real Deathmatch mode with scores and prizez,its perfect for this game )

  • NinjaNinja Member

    There is a fix for this problem and it can be done in 2 ways:

    1-- bring back ranks to normal solos and keep ranked pro for showdown grind only (im a solo main player and ranked pro makes me play it even tho i dont want .. i dont have a problem with ranked pro it can stay but needs a fix like this)

    2-- or remove it #RemoveRankedPro

    @Arclegger @z1br @SUP3RSoN1K @CastoroGamer

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  • PiquerasJSPiquerasJS Member ✭✭


  • RedXzerARedXzerA Member

    better remove that rankedpro and bring the true preseason 3 back !

  • HECKNNHECKNN Member ✭✭✭

    Anyone know where JS is LOL 😂

  • I am sick of hearing about PS3. The way the game was then had lots of players because it was one of the first battle Royal games to play. Not because the game was perfect then. If it was then all the players that came back to revisit would not be gone again. The game was best just before March 6th 2019. Crouch was fixed and good. Hit reg. Shoot gun. Fast crisp smooth movements. Just needed a new name and lots of advertising to bring in new players. New players don't want to hang around for what it is now. Slow lagy shoot gun crouch jacked up again. And nowhere to practice these slow movements and new bullet speeds. I've been playing since ps3. Not impressed and am looking for a new br game now

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