The Status of Ranked Pro

SUP3RSoN1KSUP3RSoN1K Administrator, DEV admin

We are seeing all the feedback surrounding the new Ranked Pro mode. Just want to share with you all what is happening and what we are doing now.

1) We are gathering data points to evaluate how the mode impacts the game and playerbase numbers overall. Once we go through it we will be sharing our findings with you.
2) We will be implementing a penalty for leaving matches early.
3) We will be changing the qualifying system for the Showdown to the 75 best top 10 scorecards in the mode.
4) There will be a change increasing the drop rate of red fragments inside of the Ranked Pro mode.

We want to make changes to further develop the mode and make it a working piece of the overall system, but we also don't want to knee jerk react before looking over the data. Giving top skill players a place to compete against one another, while also allowing newer players to have lobbies that aren't filled primarily with every top slayer in the game is vital for the growth of the game. The goal is to have this mode be engaging and rewarding, so that we can create a fun environment for players of all skill levels.

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