Hosted Games Forum Discussion Category and Host Event/League Requirements for Camo TG Items

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Hello Everyone!

We have added this new discussion category for hosted games as a place for the team to make updates involving matters related to Hosted Game specific topics. Hosts are also free to give announcements and updates on games and events they are running.

For players participating in hosted games, please keep hosted bug reports limited by reporting any bugs you find to the host who's games you were playing in so that we can get a better idea if the issue is a specific to hosted issue or is "general bug" issue.

For hosts, feel free to post any issues you find here but also don't hesitate to report them to [email protected]

Speaking of [email protected] , this e-mail address moving forward will be where hosted applications can be submitted. At this time we will continue to use the legacy daybreak application form HERE until a new NANTG one is available or an online application form is available. Please do not try to apply through a post on the forums or making a post why a person is deserving of Hosted Games access.

Some of you have already seen that Hosts have been making announcements related to events that will be awarding Camo TG items.

Here is the basic breakdown of how what Hosts have to do to make and event or league that qualifies for Camo TG grants -
1. Must be part of an event/tournament that is a best of 3 match minimum
2. Minimum of 75 players per match
3. Send details of event/league to NantG for approval by providing details to [email protected] before you announce it to your community.
4. Send results to NantG for verification by sending the match results files and other relevant placement/scoring/leaderboard information to [email protected]
5. Winners will be granted by NantG. No codes will be handed out to Hosted Game host.

Events that qualify for TG Camo submission start on March 23rd and runs through the remainder of Season 3 (May 28th).

While this post will be locked from discussion, hosts are free to reach out [email protected] with questions regarding further details.

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