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I'm creating this discussion regarding a new event that just came out today with a streamer playing the game. Not sure if you heard about it but a big french LAN event is coming soon and Z1BR will be on it. Today a streamer preparing for this event decided to play the game to train the game. After just couple games, he's already getting streamsniped and just decided to quit the game. This isn't the first time things like that hapenning, I think we all remember the case with summit1g breaking his screen because of it.

Everyone streamer agree on the same point : Those people (and I won't event consider them as member of Z1BR Community) are killing the game. And you have to do something. I understand there is other priorities but how you wanna make the game more popular if everytime a streamer is trying to show it and enjoy the game in front of his viewers, he just can't and decide to leave with a bad opinion about Z1BR.

At some point, I was playing with some devs who were talking about having known community members (for exemple itsk5, LucasFPS, etc..) with some power to moderate more the games & lobbies. What are you thoughts about it?

Streamhackers are a big point for the public view of the game. You have also the toxicity, those "moderators" could also be used to mute or event tempban extremly toxic people from lobbies.

We need to clean that game. Clean the community from the trashtalkers & players doing bad for the game.

I'm just asking you to make this problem a priority to at least start to grow from a healthy environment & community.

(Clip of the issue that happen today; to the non-french readers, that guy who's killing him is using the name "Giveupon theZLAN". The LAN incoming is called "ZLAN" so we can clearly understand what that guy is doing :


PS : I'm french, don't mind the low quality english :pensive:


  • MorikoYuriiMorikoYurii Member
    • This is sadly true , this community is based of cancer .
    • Well Know streamHacker used to play only to ruin streamers gameplay ... ( vitality jhon , carggo , epmvp )
    • You Need to consider to put more effort and more update on this game .............
  • JuanMataJuanMata Member
    edited March 27

    imagine having so much free time on your hands that u actively try to ruin the gaming experiences of other people, when it literally does nothing for your own benefit ... like why do these kinda people even play the game still?
    and yes i 100% agree, these type of people definitely need to be removed from the game!

  • Crust_TKCrust_TK Member

    I think the main reason they didn't go for this earlier is that they were mainly afraid of collusion issues. But as they've done with the gambling websites it is obviously time to change their mind and to take any possible decision that has the slighest chance of improving the game before it is too late. If there were moderators this would have never happened.

  • LivPrimeLivPrime Member ✭✭✭

    I still think anti-streamsnipe tools are high priority to the developers. The problem is.. how do you go about implementing this in a game with 10k or less active players? If a person queues at the same time, they are almost guaranteed to be in the streamer's game. It is a really tough nut to crack. Same with prox chat toxicity. Even when the people spewing the n word to get streamers banned get perm muted, they can just create another free account and continue doing it. I have thought about this a lot, but I don't know what to suggest to help :(

  • domundichdomundich Member ✭✭✭

    Alongside measures such as randomising the player name from game to game, with the onscreen name not being the same as what other players see in-game, I think it should be an integral part of a 'streamer' option that the in-game chat is off once switched they choose the streamer option, both in lobby and in game.

    Yes of course they could just turn the in-game chat off now themselves, but they don't and are then shocked that the toxic community is toxic.

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