I would like to introduce to you my idea for hosted games for the Z1 Battle Royale. I would develop it in a few points:

  1. Special console for people who have a special key e.g.
    - so that they can respawn cars,
    - so that they can respawn the weapons,
    - so that they can respawn skins,
    - designate the persons who may kill,
    - designate a person who can only be killed,
    - Give better match settings,
    Something similar to developers only with fewer features. Because developers do not play on every server and cannot
    help the creator.

  2. Creation of hosted games

    - Better opportunities to create tournaments

  3. Special prizes:
    - special (original for a given user) skins for people who e.g. create a league
    - Prizes agreed with developers and assigned to a match.
    These are my proposals about hosted servers so far. I'll add more if they come up with an idea. If there is something wrong written, forgive me but I am still learning English.

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  • PanchitimePanchitime Member

    I miss the curtailed Admin's panel, with the possibility of spawning weapons / machines of any subject.
    I don’t have the chance to switch the roulette weapon to the next weapon,
    I do not have enough opportunity to accelerate the zone

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