2019 Z1 2.0 roadmap

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Hey just wanted to share my idea of a roadmap for Z1,

Patches be split into major and active/concurrent (smaller, regular patches)

Major patchs,

Patch 1 - GFX overhaul and engine update. This is top issue to invest dev time into. GFX need to be sharper, easier on the eyes, more appealing, make it easier to spot, player lightning. Sounds also need another pass over, pretty sure an enemys shots are still the old sounds and not the old old sounds. Engine needs to be optimised more, personally dont have many problems with FPS, but 30-40 second loading screens and 2 min lobby time is harming replayability.

Patch 2 - Mechanic patch. This would include Slide, Barrel Roll, Animation delay from high speed car.

Patch 3 - Back end polish stuff like rewards, leveling/prestiege system, trade up system, stats, player profiles, more customization for players

Patch 4 - new map. New map would have better design with more balance between RNG and consistency.

Patch 5 - new game modes. 5v5, PvE, Auto Royale, Legacy (ps3 without changes)

Now for the concurrent/smaller patches that would need Arcleggas test features in game idea. Until patch 3 and game balance, seasons will be shut down, Showdown cancelled. The game will enter a "test phase", rewards given for players who play during this phase to incentivse playing. 50 kills tester tshirt, 100 pants etc etc etc, 1000 kills animated tester skin for all weapons

Game/weapon balance such as shotgun rework, AR spray penetly, new weapons added, pistols given a place with quicker swaps, reworked nades, new loot and craftables

New player tools

Old weapon models

Map selection in lobby (Z1 or Z2 vote)

Revive system

Main menu chat to bring community together, make friends, new player support

Ingame chat commands (follow me, I need a lift etc), ping system for loot

Postive emotes

A kill cam system

A thumbs up/down system for player rating.

Discuss and test new ranking system that is more balanced in a way it is not just get 10 high kill wins and wait for new season. 

Spectate a friend 


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    I’m a simple man, I see 5v5 I like.

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    Holy shit this is so simply written yet so brilliant.

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    good post good read

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    Do I know if it will work in Z1BR? Absolutely not. But at this point I'm willing to go big or go home. It's obvious little revert patches aren't going to do much. It's time to set our sights on a bigger goal and at least TEST some big changes. We have hyped up every revert patch for a year. What if we chose to hype up something that was totally unique/cool? Playing it safe isn't working anymore. Big thumbs up to your ideas.

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    A little off-topic for this thread perhaps but no one I know who'd played the game in the past has the slightest clue what updates have been happening. Friends watch my stream (I use that term loosely haha) and are surprised with what's been changed in the game. Every update passes them by and I find myself explaining all the changes.

    When Subnautica was in early access, each major update came with a detailed email and each patch was a named event. It was almost a celebration of the patch. I looked forward to those emails and it was great to see what changes and additions were coming to the game. IIRC you could go on to their website and delve even further into the patch. Great stuff which this game needs.

    I'm a big fan of many of the proposals in this thread, at the very least it's a fantastic jumping off point. Although there needs to be some attention given to how it is that even players with the game in their library have no idea what's going on with it.

    PS I changed my Twitch & Twitter etc name since creating this forum account

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