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I will start with the fact that the developers themselves have to start doing tournaments and interesting games in the game to take example from other games. Z1BR is a very nice game and pleasant because it is very simple and obvious.
I would like to encourage everyone to play this game, but as everyone knows at the moment if there is an event and you can win something, there are a lot of people just for a moment so maybe when it comes to hosted games, it would not be better for anyone who has hosted games to design your own crate with skins
so that they are unique to players even those average players have a chance to win during such games. As I have hosted games, I would like that at least 10 players could always win something at the tournament or league eg top 6-10 by 1x common box of the given top 4 5 1x uncommon, 1x common; top 2-3 1xrare, 1x uncommon, 1x common; top 1ultra rare, 1rare, 1x uncommon, 1x common.
If you like my idea, please go ahead and like the post

I invite you to: - website devoted to the server
ts3: - server for all z1br players as well as those looking for a game companion

A small thing
I am waiting for confirmation that I can start a duel and fives about TG Camo for league winners.
Regards tvlensik & team giercowniatv

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