More delays more SILENCE, its the same team doing the same things from before yet folks are on here wishing and hoping for change, We want this we want that we get nothing, just more garbage close this close that, The lobbys are empty we are at 1.k- 2k player base now. yet hosted games are still going, a game of 5's started with 4 teams FIVE ppl TOTAL LOL!
MAYbe the devs have there hands tied and it is the bosses FN everything up maybe its the devs? WAIT we hear this one a lot now ITS THE players right we are to blame?? LOL Run a live stream and AVOID answering questions make fun of the community while trying to pretend to cater to them. THEN run a game of marbles that makes em happy. To bad for those who did not sell there wares on the 1st week of march tooo late now.
Wait maybe season 4 will change it all ?
guess we will have to wait and see. { again }


  • FebruaryFebruary Member ✭✭

    I mean it is the players faults, I think the dev team could be doing a lot more. But to be fair they did what they said they part and brought the March 6th update and brought 10k players back and they dident stay becuase the recoil and bullet drop/speed people have been promising for a year would save the game wasent what casuals and new players cared about. Now the community has moved to the next revert that will make the game “perfect”, then when that’s junk they will move to the next. Casual players want content and progression not the same game they put 50 hours in last year which was the same game they put 100 hours in the year before.

  • FookedUpDuckFookedUpDuck Member

    I agree with February, they have done everything they said they would.

    I don't know what this big revert I see everyone on the Z1BR twitter talking about will achieve, anything Pre Season 3 so far has been ****!
    people are just looking at the 150,000 player number back then and assume that's when it was best.

    Pre season 3 colors and time of day have made seeing other players harder same as it was back then.
    Movement, recoil and bullet speed was supposed to bring all the players back but it didn't, I honestly think what we had before it was changed back to Pre Season 3 was better.

  • TosslerTossler Member ✭✭
    edited April 4

    It is very much the community's fault for not letting the game get progress and content after PS3 is back. Exactly like @February and @FookedUpDuck said. Casuals want new content, not preseason 3. And they're not getting what they want.

  • PiquerasJSPiquerasJS Member ✭✭

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