It sad to see the game was never given a real chance.

The real issues with this game were never addressed. Cars, head glitching and so many quality of life issues that should have been addressed.


  • domundichdomundich Member ✭✭✭

    It shows how amateur NantG are, to not have a plan in place that would encompass an entire year of content and updates. The idea that a game could go from its deathbed to a podium finish in a single Season/update is ridiculous, it's simply not how the gaming industry works. They didn't even do an actual advertisement campaign, they're so laughable.

    Soon is a goon. **** knows what he's a Dr of.

  • PanchitimePanchitime Member

    Today came out a good patch, so we'll see!

  • StrikeZoneStrikeZone Member

    @Panchitime said:
    Today came out a good patch, so we'll see!

    fixing bugs isnt a good patch. They need to fix cars, they need to fix teleportation, they need to fix head glitches. their is so much that needs to be fixed. but all they could see was the revert to ps3 meme. just like DBG fell for bring back the z1 map meme.

  • domundichdomundich Member ✭✭✭

    Season 4 is obviously make or break, for the game and for Daybreak's direction with the game. Either they continue with trying to win back players of the past with old elements, or they shape the game to win new players who are just looking for a fun content filled experience.

    I haven't touched the game since around a week before the mass-sacking of the devs. I was increasingly getting fed up with getting pub-stomped as the playerbase diminished.

    I bought this game back in May 2015, have had a love/hate (mostly love) relationship with it ever since but always stuck with it. Sad to say but as it stands, in its current form, I really can't be arsed playing anymore. There is no fun to be had.

    There's only one reason I haven't played Apex Legends yet and that is the lack of solos. It looks like a fun game though and highly polished. That's the experience I want with this game - fun and polished. I do not want sweaty and toxic, which is all this game is these days.

    All I'm hoping for at this point in Season 4 is that Daybreak do what THEY think is right for the direction of the game, ignoring ALL the sanctimonious opinions from the 'OG' community. It either works or it doesn't and we can either enjoy the game, or it finally dies and we can all move the-****-on.

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