Battle Royale and Just Survive

Hi Daybreak.

     I know you've heard this many times. We don't know what plan right now, but you have to take risks now. I'm not just saying this because of I'm a JS player. We want both games back together to be active as before. This is as SIMPLE as that. You have to understand that now. Daybreak company, you need to give confidence to the people. Its mean back with Survival. And you have to steal people's hearts. This is mean for future. Sometimes everything is simple. If you have difficulty taking risks, you have to do it without thinking. Never put Just Survive on the second plan. Because you lost a lot. You shouldn't waste time. THIS GAME MUST HAVE ALWAYS TOGETHER. Just saying if Daybreak really wan't rise this 2 game must be together like old golden days. Because people really bored. People are losing confidence in you. This will be the same effect in your new future games. When Jace Hall told us that two games(JS and BR) would be together, people were very hopeful. And so 10.000 people returned to the game. So telling you some things is VERY SIMPLE. Daybreak have you seen this picture? This picture explains some things. Reddit and many forums say that they will be happy to have two games together. There are too many old H1Z1 players playing especially Rust. Be positive despite everything. If you are having difficulty do not hesitate to tell people. People will understand. Find only middle way. People really love and want to play Just Survive. If you give people good news they will hope for future. Daybreak don't remember. If JS and BR be came together, there will be a good future. Like one game. Just do something people want JS and i saying if you make 2 game together. Daybreak will don't lose anything for BR for jS will be good And olso Daybreak can make ps4 for just survive & battle royale togeter.

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