Ranked Pro: A Discussion on Changes

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Over the weekend I made a post called The Status of Ranked Pro where I talked about a few changes the team was looking to make. In this post I also stated that we wanted to look over some data before we made any changes. After reviewing the data, and discussing it internally we have come up with a few changes we would like to make to the Ranked Pro system. Below is a list of the proposed changes we are looking to make to Solos and Ranked Pro. These changes are aimed at creating a better player experience and we would like to hear feedback from you all, the players, before we execute on this. Please give the following list of changes a read and let us know what you think. This thread will be left unlocked for you all to provide your thoughts and feedback.

1. Players will be able to progress from Bronze to Royalty through the standard solos playlist.
2. Ranks will be displayed on the leaderboards at my.h1z1.com.
3. Players are unable to qualify for Showdown in this playlist. You will need to qualify through Ranked Pro.
4. Ranked Pro will unlock once you achieve the rank of Diamond 5 in standard solos.

Ranked Pro
1. Players who desire to compete for a chance at the Season 3 Showdown, will need to qualify through playing the Ranked Pro play list.
2. This mode will only be available on the weekends. It will unlock at 5pm on Friday based on each servers local time and lock again on Monday at 5am.
3. Qualification will be based upon your Ranked Pro Top 10 Adjusted Score (Top 10 scorecard).
4. Ranks will be displayed on the leaderboards at my.h1z1.com.



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  • DeezNutsDeezNuts Member
    1. Players will be able to progress from Bronze to Royalty through the standard solos playlist.
      hell yeah
  • mistermister Member

    I have exactly same thoughts: Solos should be from Bronze to Royalty, opened all-time, while Ranked Pro would be opened only on weekend (for example Saturday-Sunday, cuz these days are free for most of the community) to qualify to the Showdown. Great idea

  • AnthonySSAnthonySS Member

    Great update on the Ranked Pro.

    I think its good enough to move on now :)

  • dishwashersdishwashers Member

    some people cant play on weekends to grind for showdown. Not a good idea

  • BostonTomBostonTom Member

    when will these changes be implemented? also will rank pro have CZ instead of fort destiny?

  • NashousNashous Member

    yes yes yes !

  • cameltoecameltoe Member

    Any ETA when this change will happen?

  • twitchtvLurrZtwitchtvLurrZ Member

    Really like the sound of this update.

  • SUP3RSoN1KSUP3RSoN1K Administrator, DEV admin

    @cameltoe said:
    Any ETA when this change will happen?

    If the community is in favor of these changes we will be pushing it out in next weeks patch.

  • galstiegalstie Member

    Ok, but can the elite challenge for the conquest crates be also completed in the normal pubs too :)


    Awesome decision. I'm sure some people won't be able to play as often on the weekends (like myself because of work), but in the end I think this is a great decision that will keep the playerbase intact and together as opposed to separated between two different playlists.

    Good stuff.

  • AnonymousH1ppoAnonymousH1ppo Member
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    I like it. I think this is a good change but will the scoring for Ranked Pro stay the same with the kill based points and placement multipliers? I don't think the leader boards for Ranked Pro should be based on just your top 10 games though I think it should be more based on your performance for the whole season so players are encouraged to play the whole time not just get a good top 10 and then stop.

  • dNStreeeetdNStreeeet Member ✭✭

    sounds good

  • ikeike Member

    10x better than current

  • DC_TrainDC_Train Member ✭✭

    Thanks, Now I wont want to play on Weekdays because of the Shitty Safe Zones/Spawns/Car Spawns/Playerbase SeemsGood Thanks Devs for removing the most fun thing that was currently in H1 with the Current safe zones on Solos SeemsGood

  • LivPrimeLivPrime Member ✭✭✭

    @YovaLyT said:
    "1. Players will be able to progress from Bronze to Royalty through the standard solos playlist."

    just takes away the prestige of obtaining Royalty. If you couldnt reach royalty in a hardcore setting like Ranked Pro then you shouldnt be worthy of the title.
    I liked the change in ranks. The ranking system has been the same for the past 2 seasons and the last 7 preseasons. it was about time they turned it up a notch.
    but sadly... we just have a community full of entitled whiners and complainers.

    I agree. You shouldn't be able to casually achieve royalty/the highest rank in the game. You should have to put in blood sweat and tears to be there. It is that way in every other game. Unlucky

  • LeagueBrothersLeagueBrothers Member
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    Make it harder to become royalty! i remeber one season of h1z1 where it was hard and you need to grind for it. Now you have just taken the "hard" part out, because some players didnt like they need to face good players to get royalty?

    And now all the good players will get royalty in no time then what? have to wait 5 days until they have something to grind for?

  • TemptedTempted Member

    **Amazing idea, go through with it. Reset the stats though. No one will catch up to the current top 10 players. ** :)

  • LivPrimeLivPrime Member ✭✭✭

    I just hope you guys realize that by saying #RemoveRankedPro you have shot yourselves in the foot. You hate going up against nothing but sweaty players?

    Get used to it. In 2 weeks there will be no new or returning players left because they are not having fun while learning the game, and the same 60 people you went up against in ranked pro will be the entire playerbase, and at this time, you won't have anywhere else to turn to enjoy the game. No other modes. Good luck, brothers.

  • 2BiTs2BiTs Member

    Bad idea, ranked pro has taken some of the pressure off the new players.

  • vidramilanvidramilan Member

    Will the current stats be reseted? I haven't played Ranked Pro yet, because I thought that it will be removed - mostly because of the opinions on Twitter. But this is definitely a good decision you made! :smile:

  • I would have liked to see Masters and Royalty stay in Ranked Pro, but I’m okay with the change.

    Every fight was exactly what I was expecting. It was exciting, it was challenging. I ate some of the best shots the top NA players had to offer, and I was extremely impressed. It felt like being in a Ranked match of CS:GO when you’re out of Silver. It left my jaw open some times, but it was worth it.

    For me it’s the only mode that I would enjoy every time. I’m not the best player in Ranked Pro and everyone who’s played in Showdowns before could back that up. I get stomped, but when I kill someone just as fast with an AR/AK it’s so much more rewarding. Every kill feels like it could be a clip because the fight was so intense.

    I’m a casual player competitive by nature. I was looking forward to giving pubs up, except to role play. Go for knife kills, or just talk to new players and let them kill me. A more casual experience. The community isn’t there just yet it seems.

    I’m good with the changes and I believe in the direction you’ll take us. Thanks for listening and thanks for doing what needs to be done.

  • ToytlesToytles Member

    Although I will be able to rank up in normal solos when reaching solos what will we achieve? or is that to be determined later in the future updates?

  • GusBusGusBus Member

    I'm fine with this for now. I think season 4 depending on population there should be a better plan because of all the data we will have from season 3. One moreeeee unpopular opinion... Can we get CZ back. Just make the lobby times like 10mins and make players continue to re que into them constantly if they want to warm up their shot.

  • ToytlesToytles Member
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  • KlosselKlossel Member ✭✭

    I approve of this idea a 1000%

  • JhonnyfastJhonnyfast Member

    Perfect. but will get awards for anyone who gets royalty on solo ?! because if it does not, it's the same. It's best to continue like this. that shirt that is updating patent was one of the most meaningless skins.

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