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  • 28grams28grams Member

    Adding Masters and Royalty to regular solos is a great idea but don't limit Ranked to weekends. Not everyone wants to play video games on the weekend, if anything I play more during the week. Keep Ranked Pro open all the time as the only way to qualify for the Showdown.

  • MYRCMYRC Member

    Only having ranked pro on the weekends is a really bad idea. People like to enjoy there weekends by going outside, spending time with friends etc. Ranked pro should be available at all times, as it is now. You cant have people qualify for the showdown, when the game mode is only out on specific days, you cant limit someone time to play, if they want to grind for it. The way to balance out this situation, is by adding the ranks of master and royalty to regular solos. Ranked pro should stay how it is, to get into the showdown you should be fighting against top players, not just Bots.

  • RoldanRoldan Member

    @SUP3RSoN1K said:
    These changes are aimed at creating a better player experience and we would like to hear feedback from you all, the players, before we execute on this.
    Please give the following list of changes a read and let us know what you think. This thread will be left unlocked for you all to provide your thoughts and feedback.

    1. Players will be able to progress from Bronze to Royalty through the standard solos playlist.
    2. Ranks will be displayed on the leaderboards at my.h1z1.com.
    3. Players are unable to qualify for Showdown in this playlist. You will need to qualify through Ranked Pro.
    4. Ranked Pro will unlock once you achieve the rank of Diamond 5 in standard solos.

    Ranks are what distinguish casual & competitive modes/playlists. Allowing players to obtain ranks in casual modes/playlists defeats the purpose of having a ranked mode/playlist.
    Adding ranks past diamond to casual modes removes a big incentive to play ranked mode which results in smaller lobbies for those who grind for the showdown.
    Diamond 5 requirement ensures that cheaters who get banned in rank have to start all over before they are able to grind for royalty etc. This removes alot of incentive to cheat as they cannot simply create a new account and climb to the top of leaderboards once more as was previously the case (pre-ranked mode).


    Ranked Pro
    1. Players who desire to compete for a chance at the Season 3 Showdown, will need to qualify through playing the Ranked Pro play list.
    2. This mode will only be available on the weekends. It will unlock at 5pm on Friday based on each servers local time and lock again on Monday at 5am.
    3. Qualification will be based upon your Ranked Pro Top 10 Adjusted Score (Top 10 scorecard).
    4. Ranks will be displayed on the leaderboards at my.h1z1.com.

    Locking ranked everyday except for weekends means that casual players are forced to compete against higher skilled players five days out of the week constantly getting destroyed in the process which is not fun. This also affects higher skilled players who thrive on the competition than ranked mode provides (knowing that every player you kill has a decent amount of skill and experience).


    Nearly every major online multiplayer game (no matter the genre) includes a casual and competitive mode/playlist. Battle Royale as a genre is the exception to the rule and a lack of said modes/playlists means that players become dissatisfied and quit with the passing of time. Ranked mode needs to be tuned not removed (for the majority of the week).


    Ranked mode can be improved by (according to ranked mode players):

    Adding incentive to play (better rewards).
    Enabling dynamic gas.
    Increasing the importance of placement in overall score.
    Removing lobby cap (currently set to 75) to allow for larger lobbies.


    As a casual player who has played Z1BattleRoyale (formerly known as H1Z1) on and off for years I am discouraged by today's news. If the developers of Z1BR choose to follow through with plans posted above then that is their decision but at the very least add an in game survey that is short and to the point. This way developers can obtain feedback from people who actually play the game instead of sheep on social media.

  • cdogcdog Member

    yes i like this

  • hiiaguitohiiaguito Member

    Very good, I really liked the idea, I and several players of the server SA we look forward to the changes and for everything that is to come in the Z1BR, for many the best BR of all!

  • YovaLyTYovaLyT Member ✭✭✭

    “1. Players will be able to progress from Bronze to Royalty through the standard solos playlist.”

    One other point I would like to make.
    I’m confident enough in my skills that I can keep up with some of the best in the ranked pro mode. BUT I know for a fact that I do not have enough time and effort to be able to qualify for the showdown. So therefor my next best thing would be trying to grind for royalty. Now if that is just added back into regular solos, then why would I have any reason to play the ranked mode other than for some tough fights? If my only goal is just to get that Royalty title then why would I not just choose the casual mode over a harder Ranked Pro mode?

  • Dodgeyou4everDodgeyou4ever Member
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    I think Royalty ranking should be for Ranked Pro only. Give the rank a real meaning. No farming Royalty killing new players or people who arent that good.
    Make regular solos cap at Master 1. Other then that, sounds great.

  • Crust_TKCrust_TK Member
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    Bad idea to lock ranked pro most of the time imo. Once again the veteran players get what they want in spite of the new players. Also this is not fixing the pacing of ranked pros games. As the scoring rewards kills so much everybody is codrushing, this doesn't feel competitive at all.

  • MickeyMickey Member

    This is a good solution, I like it.

  • StrikeZoneStrikeZone Member

    So people who cant play on the weekends cant compete.... how about you let palyers play and stop putting all these road blocks up. Alot of really good players cant play on the weekend.

  • 28grams28grams Member

    Make it all one gamemode again

  • StrikeZoneStrikeZone Member

    Ranked pro was suppose to get the High kill palyers out of solo so less skilled players could learn with out getting destroyed. Keep ranked pro open all the time. not everyone can play on the weekends

  • StrikeZoneStrikeZone Member

    @YovaLyT said:
    "1. Players will be able to progress from Bronze to Royalty through the standard solos playlist."

    just takes away the prestige of obtaining Royalty. If you couldnt reach royalty in a hardcore setting like Ranked Pro then you shouldnt be worthy of the title.
    I liked the change in ranks. The ranking system has been the same for the past 2 seasons and the last 7 preseasons. it was about time they turned it up a notch.
    but sadly... we just have a community full of entitled whiners and complainers.

    Keep it the way it is now, but let the royalty and masters have the badge in both ques.

  • 28grams28grams Member

    Have the gas circle adjust according to player count in Ranked like it is in regular

  • ErikmyErikmy Member

    Clever solution.
    Personally, I would like to see Pro Ranked open all the time, as I like the excitement of those matches, and I don't get crazy micro stutters, like I do in pub solos.
    (But that's really another issue.)

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    Imagine having a wall of noise demanding Ranked Pro be removed, complete with a gaggle of hashtag flinging Twitterings, mixed in with another wall of noise demanding all ranks be added back to public lobbies.

    So you listen and lock Ranked Pro for 5 days in the week, plus add ranks back to public lobbies. After all you need Ranked Pro so players can qualify for the Showdown, but you want to accommodate the community's needs and feelings.

    Now imagine a whole new wall of noise vilifying you for denying players the ability to play Ranked Pro during the week and that players want to do other things at the weekend, despite all statistics confirming it is in fact the peak player number period.

    It's like a Monty Python sketch that got rejected for being unbelievable.

  • StrikeZoneStrikeZone Member

    Why not add the showdown to duos and 5s, and leave ranked pro alone

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  • NoFlyNoFly Member

    Don't wanna kill my time in RankedPro for make bandages... omg

  • HECKNNHECKNN Member ✭✭✭

    Sounds great! Now on to Just Survive lol!

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  • xAlwaysxTVxAlwaysxTV Member

    Should not be only weekends. Ranked Pro should be a thing. Maybe only do ranked pro in the evenings between 5:00 PM - 2:00AM every day to give everyone a chance.

  • EvexpEvexp Member

    I like xAlways idea, @xAlwaysxTV said:
    "Should not be only weekends. Ranked Pro should be a thing. Maybe only do ranked pro in the evenings between 5:00 PM - 2:00AM every day to give everyone a chance." People have many different priorities on the weekend and cannot drop everything to grind in such a short period of time. How will the elite bag reward be changed? Does this mean we can only get them on the weekends? Personally, I already have all the items in the mystery bag in standard solos. The community does need incentives to grind.

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  • ShruteShrute Member

    Bad idea, A lot of top tier Players will be left out if they can only play on the weekend.

  • RavenRaven Member

    AU and Asia are honestly never going to play ranked. No matter how the changes are made. Asia gave it a try the other day but couldn't get passed 16 players in 2 hours (yes, I may have sat in that lobby for that long, but that was because I was hopeful).

    AU is the same except we barely get 10 people in regular solos on a GOOD day. So theres no chance for us to even get to the 25 needed to start the Pro games.

  • JesseInsanityJesseInsanity Member

    There's a lot of people who won't be able to compete on weekends.. I don't think that's a good idea.

  • MymommyMymommy Member

    4.5k hours on the game...all seasons royalty (ING:MYMOMMY)

    one thing that makes me not play ranked pro is,the queue lobbies are too little (75 players)take lot of time to find the players get kills etc... the time i can play (even on weekends) is after 9pm-10pm so for me most of the times i get 60-55-50 player lobbies !

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