Looking for Feedback on a Ranked Pro Option

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We have a system that we want to run past all of you in the community in regards to when Ranked Pro mode is available. Please let us what you think in the replies.

  1. System checks for the number of players online in a region that are qualified for Ranked Pro. (Diamond tier or above)
  2. System then compares that number vs a set threshold/number of players needed to unlock.
  3. If it exceeds the threshold the mode will unlock and become available for play.
  4. Once it drops below that threshold it will put the mode back into a locked status.
  5. The locking/unlocking would be represented by either a progress bar that fills up or an icon that lights up on the front end menu letting players know when it is or is not available. Another possibility or addition to the previous messaging could be an in game broadcast that goes off letting players know when it has unlocked.

This would allow for Ranked Pro to control itself and only open when the population levels are high enough to support the mode being open, and also allowing more players with different life schedules to have the opportunity to play. We will be looking through and gathering player feedback until early next week. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you everyone!


  • YovaLyTYovaLyT Member ✭✭✭

    This is a genius idea! I never would have imagined it would be possible to make a system for that. This is the best of both worlds in my eyes!

  • thomas07thomas07 Member

    Just remove please

  • DC_TrainDC_Train Member ✭✭

    Exactly what I was talking about. Theshhold, Dealt with amazingly (Dont make it too high tho)

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  • RoldanRoldan Member

    Z1BR Playercount (Before & After "An update on Ranked Pro" Announcement):


    Day of Announcement March 18 - 13:00 -> 7, 429 Players
    Day After Announcement March 19 - 07:00 -> 6,576 Players


    Day of Announcement March 18 - 00:00 -> 3, 426 Players
    Day After Announcement March 19 -21:00 -> 2,415 Players


    Day of Announcement March 18 - 17:00 -> 4,198 Players
    Day After Announcement March 19 - 17:00 -> 2,983 Players

    The overall playercount has DECREASED in every relevant metric (available pubicly on SteamCharts) since the "An update on Ranked Pro" announcement.

    Ever since the Z1BR dev team announced plans to restrict ranked mode and add ranks to casual modes the playerbase has declined. Casual players took it bad as it signaled more of the same (getting shit on by better players all the time) & Competitive players took it bad because it meant they no longer can compete against other decent players WITHOUT having to destroy casuals. Casuals lose the fun of playing, Competitive players lose the fun of competing to earn exclusive rewards (rank, showdown etc) Z1BR loses players.

    Dynamically opening ranked based on player population is a much better idea that what was initially proposed the same could also apply for combat practice and hosted games if filling up casual lobbies is the main priority. Leave ranks out of casual mode it defeats the purpose of a ranked mode.

  • MYRCMYRC Member

    In my opinion is this is a really great idea, i would have never thought of this myself. This idea can only work if, the threshold set for the number of people is not to high. The threshold for the amount of players can not be set at 40 or higher players. The threshold should be set at 25 for all regions. It can not be set at 40 or higher players simply because, the time when lobbies actually fill to those numbers and stay above 40, are like a minimum of 3 hours. If ranked pro is being used for showdown qualification, then the threshold has to be set low it order to keep the lobbies flowing, and giving people plenty of opportunity/time to qualify.

  • ikeike Member

    what if diamond players are online but dont want to play ranked??

  • SUP3RSoN1KSUP3RSoN1K Administrator, DEV admin

    @ike said:
    what if diamond players are online but dont want to play ranked??

    The choice to play the mode is still up to the individual player.

  • hiiaguitohiiaguito Member

    poderia colocar na ranked pro as safe zones como a da solo se cair com 30 jogadores o mapa já cai com gás sou do servidor SA e as caimos com poucos jogadores media 50 , 60 e é dificil encontrar os players.

  • Once again the game is dying because you have changed what no one asked to change !!!
    The rating for the last Showdown was able to bring back players to qualify, this time it's making them come out !!
    As far as I write, there are only 2,000 players online !!!
    The server SA full of macro and Aimbot and you do nothing !!!
    Want to improve the game ???
    Do what has already been requested and keep what has been working !!!
    Weekends without any decent event, pro mode without logic and infested with bad player ....
    It's very simple:
    Keep the gameplay that it is, improve only in the matter of optimization and invest in events with good gifts, propaganda, championships ...
    Free access to the various servers and make events with the theme of each region to bring varied players !!!
    Or you stimulate the exchange between the servers or each will die and will pull the next to the same abyss !!!

  • LivPrimeLivPrime Member ✭✭✭

    I think we could do something even better than ranked pro that pleases everyone at once. The change I propose is to have two solo modes: competitive AKA "Ranked Pro" and casual.

    The "Ranked Pro" mode would be the only solo mode with leaderboards/rankings and prizes for climbing these ranks/leaderboards. Rather than only being master and royalty players, this is a place for anyone to sweat who is willing to try to get better and increase his or her own rank. Think of "Ranked Pro" as solo's as we know them today. The entire mode/rules would be strictly community-driven and regulated. This is the most pure form of the game from a competitive standpoint. Could be PS3 with just bug fixes/QOL improvements. This would never change without a 75% or greater majority decision.

    The casual mode would be a place for doing silly things. RP with people, form a non-violence pact with everyone, etc. Think of this like the original Z1 map when rankings/leaderboards didn't exist and more people played for the laughs than for kill records. New guns/vehicles/POIs could be added or tested with the understanding that this is meant to be kinda like an arcade mode. The game would be free to evolve without the possibility of upsetting the hardcore competitive community. You can still get fragments/earn skins. Obviously the skins for winning ranked pro matches would be higher tiered than the ones for the casual mode.

    Eventually this would exist in every core mode (solos, duos, fives) In fact, I am almost in favor of going back to having no leaderboards/ranks for duos and fives as it gives people a chance to just hang out with friends and grind the game. Then just allow competitive duo/fives tournaments to exist in hosted games or scrim environments. At any rate with the current playerbase the only casual and ranked split would be solos. If the numbers grew, then we could approach other changes. I just think this is the only way to really make everyone happy. In the short term, it splits some of the playerbase, but in the long term it could be way more healthy.

  • PanchitimePanchitime Member

    Very good offer, they need to make new arcade modes, make interesting customization modes, players are very tired of the usual modes you need to enter funny let's find a box of things, kill the administrator for 5 minutes, etc. very much Modes can come up.

    Still need to promote the game in different regions of the same jokes in the groups of the game (there is an official group in Europe), as the Chinese CIS and other regions, the best advertising in the world is the players (it always was)

  • IamlittleyouIamlittleyou Member

    Its great and i like it. Problem is that it will work only if Z1BR get more players.

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    We need JS so that Z1BR does not die again! :'(<3

  • naze_h1naze_h1 Member
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    Just remove the Ranked Pro thing before its too late, I don't want to quit the game again because of the low player base, remove the Ranked Pro and bring back the PS3/PS7 Showdown qualifier, the top75 players from each region. :)

  • CowBloodCowBlood Member

    hey I got an idea lets do auto royale to qualify for showdown lelele

  • slaynkslaynk Member

    Hey Team,

    Thanks for your due diligence to come up with a solution to our ranked pro issue. We want the new players to have fun an enjoy the game, but no one has fun in dead lobbies.

    IMO this is a perfect fix to keep ranked pro available. Threshold for RP's availability will be the next topic of discussion. I'm in favor of this hot fix and i would like to add that the threshold should focus on keeping normal lobbies filled with at least 85-100 players.

    When normal lobbies are hitting that mark---ranked pro is available.

    Thanks again,

  • C4rTC4rT Member

    Re-think ranked pro, it's not a good mode at the moment. Use it to be inovative. For me it should be more about regularity and placement. Playingfor high kill games is cool but you have another game mode for it. It's boring not fun and not adding anything to the game. Change it please.

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    I'm not against Ranked Pro, but there should be a perfect balance between ranked pro competitive/professional side and public games fun/entertainment side.

    Jace Hall talked about Z1:BR as the CS:GO Battle Royale on the PC side. Nant G care a lot about competitive, professionnal environment. Perfect recent add is ranked pro, which isn't a bad idea/concept.
    Basically, Call of Duty at its prime was a perfect game because they had successfully arrived to split the competitive/professional aspect of the fun/public aspect. That must be the same way of thinking on Z1:BR. Succinctly and in a pertinent way, ranked pro should be accessible as Showdown Qualifiers (or for other competitive events) only during the week-end.
    Public games must be radically different than ranked pro games, because both are aiming radically different group of players. Because there is a real competitive spirit around Ranked Pro, first side would be public games, aiming the player base majority for a fun and entertainment gaming experience. Another one would be Ranked Pro, aiming competitive environment and (semi) professionnal players for events qualifiers, which would have clearly different objectives than public games.
    So as examples, there should be:

    • Spawn select on ranked pro, but not on public games
    • Nade slot on ranked pro, but not on public games
    • Clearly less smokes on public games - as world spawn loot - than on ranked pro
    • More extra POIs (like Ponyvale, Coy Scrapyard, Pleasant Valley County Carnival, ...) on ranked pro, but less on public games
    • More ways to hide himself (like big rocks, small/low walls, caravans, ...) on ranked pro, but less on public games
    • Less players on ranked pro (75 players max), but more on public games (190 players max)
    • etc...

    Credits: Cesar Kobashikawa

    • Different ranks on ranked pro: prestiges with clan system. More you progress in prestiges, more you'll be able to participate at Showdowns with your clan
  • StrikeZoneStrikeZone Member
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    no, keep ranked pro, do not touch it till the end of the season. If you touch ranked pro, end the season early, have a showdown and move onto season 4.

    Also players should be able to play for the showdown every day of the week.

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