Ranked Pro: A Discussion on Changes



  • PiquerasJSPiquerasJS Member ✭✭

    And #BringBackJustSurvive

  • EyMaedschenEyMaedschen Member

    As a pleb with close to 400h I believe the game needs some way to seperate the good players from new players. I instantly noticed that the regular lobbies are more relaxed with ranked pro enabled. Without some kind of seperation the only game mode I enjoy is 5s with good team mates. If you wanna attract a new playerbase you can't throw them in there with an average playerbase of +2000h players.

    Those are my two cents from a different pov then 90% of the comments :)

  • succsucc Member

    I agree on letting people get royalty in solos, but it makes no sense to lock ranked pro on weekdays if you want to separate the good players from the new players. They will end up in the same games most of the days if you do decide to lock it on weekdays.

  • MyGameMyGame Member

    Boa Sorte :)

  • Resp1raResp1ra Member

    I see a lot of people saying we should allow royalty to be gotten thru normal solos. I agree, but I don't agree you should be able to go past royalty 5 (maybe even up to royalty 3) in normal solos. If you want Royalty 1 or 2 you should have to compete with better opponents to be considered the best players on this game and not just farm bots for high kill games.

  • LivPrimeLivPrime Member ✭✭✭

    I would like to see a complete rework on the concept of "Ranked Pro". It is obvious that the community who is forced to play it isn't that big of a fan, but scrapping the entire concept is not possible. We need to find some sort of solution that works for casual players and "Ranked Pro" players.

    The change I propose is to have two solo modes: competitive AKA "Ranked Pro" and casual.

    The "Ranked Pro" mode would be the only solo mode with leaderboards/rankings and prizes for climbing these ranks/leaderboards. Rather than only being master and royalty players, this is a place for anyone to sweat who is willing to try to get better and increase his or her own rank. Think of "Ranked Pro" as solo's as we know them today. The entire mode/rules would be strictly community-driven and regulated. This is the most pure form of the game from a competitive standpoint. Could be PS3 with just bug fixes/QOL improvements. This would never change without a 75% or greater majority decision.

    The casual mode would be a place for doing silly things. RP with people, form a non-violence pact with everyone, etc. Think of this like the original Z1 map when rankings/leaderboards didn't exist and more people played for the laughs than for kill records. New guns/vehicles/POIs could be added or tested with the understanding that this is meant to be kinda like an arcade mode. The game would be free to evolve without the possibility of upsetting the hardcore competitive community. You can still get fragments/earn skins. Obviously the skins for winning ranked pro matches would be higher tiered than the ones for the casual mode.

    Eventually this would exist in every core mode (solos, duos, fives) In fact, I am almost in favor of going back to having no leaderboards/ranks for duos and fives as it gives people a chance to just hang out with friends and grind the game. Then just allow competitive duo/fives tournaments to exist in hosted games or scrim environments. At any rate with the current playerbase the only casual and ranked split would be solos. If the numbers grew, then we could approach other changes. I just think this is the only way to really make everyone happy. In the short term, it splits some of the playerbase, but in the long term it could be way more healthy.

  • CowBloodCowBlood Member

    Remove ranked pro in my opinion, full revert needed to happen but what do you know we keep getting things nobody asked for

  • StrikeZoneStrikeZone Member

    revert to early season 2

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    @CowBlood im sure the Devs didnt ask for a bipolar, indecisive, naive and entitled millennial community either but they do the best with what theyve got.

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