Ranked Pro, Combat Zone, and Arcade Mode Availability



  • PanchitimePanchitime Member

    Thanks a lot for such a solution, hope we get the maximum lobby.

  • r0tteNburqr0tteNburq Member

    Good to see that you guys listen to us now! Love it! <3

  • ripkiddripkidd Member

    In my opinion the Combat Zone should be removed entirely since all it does is keep players from playing the core gamemode and if they do they swat.
    Keep it for pros to warm up for scrims but keep it out of casual gamemodes.

  • KeyZeeNKeyZeeN Member

    nice decition

  • RDANRDAN Member

    If you want to have a healthy playerbase you need to never enable CZ again. That is just making people grind it 24/7 and we are gonna have no players in solos/duos/fives. Let them learn the game like we did by grinding solos. You know that the majority of the community hates it and don't want it back.

  • RyoAracawaRyoAracawa Member

    I have idea alternative the Combat Zone.
    Bot record&replay.
    It's similar of Street Fighter V training mode.
    You can record bot movement then replay bot.
    Any situation you can make.
    Very helpful for beginner, competitive player, self development.
    And no one hurt from this mode.
    Record&Replay service is not only for game solution.
    Usually saw this solution for any business.

  • Dahl1nDahl1n Member

    that street fighter shit is terrible holy **** get out its z1br not a fighting game

  • GusBusGusBus Member

    @NotBryce said:

    @GusBus said:
    Combat zone?? Really... I don't agree with that one chief. Can't believe combat zone is gonna still be called a problem. I go in combat zone every day just to warm up... Now i have to have 10 crappy games before I feel good about my shot. FeelsBadMan...

    As I can see your concern you have to realize there are the few people like yourself that use Combat Zone to warm up, and then you have the people who literally stay in Combat Zone all day long and never leave it. This causes our server to not fill up. This is a good decision, and it will help lobbies fill up. I suggest you use other softwares to warm up such as Kovakks or Aimbooster.

    Imo, this was only an issue because the game was in an offseason for 3months. So we saw good players get their royalty in solos after 1 week then sit in combat zone because the only thing to look forward to was hosted games. So to practice their shot they would chill in combatzone. I will reiterate, when there is nothing to grind for there is NO reason to play, Solos, Duos or 5's. So how do you get to have fun combat? Well the CZ.

  • FebruaryFebruary Member ✭✭

    The only real solution is 5v5, that is all.

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