Future of the forum

domundichdomundich Member ✭✭✭

I'm guessing they'll shut this forum down and add the PC category back to the H1 forum. I'm also guessing there's no moderating on here at the moment.

I'd suggest that people use the forums if you want your voices heard, the sub-reddit isn't official it's fan run, confirmed by the mods on there. Daybreak have long ignored it because of the ranting, and they don't care of course.

It looks like the name change is happening on Twitch already too, if your search "Z1" it comes up with H1Z1 category.

NantG have such a pathetically shortsighted view on gaming that we didn't even get a name change shirt in the game. Got to hand it to NantG for outdoing Daybreak for bad rep in gaming.

This all feels like being told "Good news is your cancer is cured. Bad news is you have full blown Aids".


  • LivPrimeLivPrime Member ✭✭✭

    They only gave the team enough time/resources for one single patch. lmao Like in terms of the roadmap/plans that got us invested/excited for the future last September, a pathetic fraction of it got the chance to be implemented. Basically old map/better main menu/old recoil/some of the old textures. They never even got to do anything new.
    Gave them the resources for less than 10 total people to be on the team. With that amount, took 6 months for the first major patch (which to be honest wasn't anything extreme or incredible. I was excited for the hype/possibility surrounding full lobbies but I saw the update for how minimal it really was/just as a first small step toward the future.) Then pull the plug shortly after. YIKES.

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