The biggest issue is the Community

  1. Nearly every commet below posts/tweets was "FULL REVERT"
  2. Nearly all other comments was "Bring JS back!
    1. Most of the skilled players didnt supported lower players, even in duos or 5s they discconected when they had unranked players in thier lobby. So that the most new players quitted early.

When i see only comments like this as financial officer i would think that the community dont like what the team is doing, this combined with the fast dropping player base. Supports the thoughts to let the game fall.

And yes there full revert wasnt complete done, but they worked on it really hard. There was plans for JS, but not bevore the revert of Z1BR was finished. And we as community was crying all time. And!! nearly never supported the team for the big steps that they made for the full revert.

So in my opinion the fall of Z1BR in the last weeks is community made.


  • domundichdomundich Member ✭✭✭

    This has long been my opinion, which I have voiced on this forum several times, so it's no surprise I agree with you.

    At this juncture in the life of H1 I think Daybreak should just do the things they think is right for the game, and if it dies then we should all just move on. Add weapons, add revive, add whatever. There's absolutely no point in trying to appease the community and feather the changes incrementally. I've seen players calling for a PS4 revert now! You can guarantee PS5 will be next. The insanity will never end. You can't find a point where the community will be satisfied.

    It's time to dismiss stagnation and nostalgia. Along with streamer opinions too actually, seeing as those are the people feeding the frenzy. No game can possibly hope to grow or maintain a healthy playerbase when its competitors are implementing more content regularly. Nor is it appropriate to piss away time and resources trying to recapture a fantasy version of a beloved era of supposed glory. Every single factor in this genre of gaming is different now, whatever approach Daybreak choose to take must reflect that.

    Forget about the pro-scene, forget about showdowns etc. Just offer an awesome game that's fun to play. Do that or just shut it down.

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