This is unfortunately the only thing that could save this game

The only thing that will save this game is if they put a temporary 1 month ban on any existing players. Believe me when I say that I know this is a harsh idea and I would hate to be forced to stop playing, but if they were to do this they could massssssss advertise and try to get a massive influx of new players into the game. Streamers would also have a fun time playing the game as they would be slaughtering players. Instead of shit talking he game they would preach on how much they like it, which would thus drive players to try out the game. Again I hate the idea of an unwarranted temporary ban on existing players but this game is going no where fast due to sweaty players that instantly drive away any knew players. Imagine if csgo was in our current state and the only players playing were shroud. No one would continue to try the game. Drastic times call for drastic measures. It’s either this or they rebrand the game in its entirety and shut it down to reopen it as a new game. I hate how we have come to this but this is the only thing that will save this game and it makes me so upset to admit it.


  • domundichdomundich Member ✭✭✭

    I would tweak your idea to players of Master and Royalty rank, that way I could still play :trollface:

  • UniformMeatUniformMeat Member ✭✭

    Unfortunately master and royalty players are the only ones that really exist. This game needs this. It would make me upset too but it needs players and I’d rather not play in order to let bad players play against eachother rather that against us gods at the game

  • domundichdomundich Member ✭✭✭

    Yeah I was only trolling to be honest. In all seriousness it might take some radical thinking like your idea to solve the issue.

    One thing that occurs to me is they could unlock Combat Zone to current players but lock solos and 5s for a while. It's really not a pretty solution of course.

    I have no idea how to tackle smurfing.

    It's sad but I doubt there are any eyes from Daybreak on this discussion.

  • UniformMeatUniformMeat Member ✭✭

    there are no eyes from day break on this discussion and it makes me sad that daybreak is running the game again. Gunna run it out of business this time probably

  • YovaLyTYovaLyT Member ✭✭✭
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    although im heartbroken that all our favorite devs got the axe, it was a smart move by NantG. All they could see was a bunch of Devs being held back by the community. They were so familiar with all of the players they were obliged to cater to every whim. Being chained by the community is never a good thing. They put too much power in the players hands in terms of direction of development. So basically they kept taking constant back steps. Now, with the game back in Daybreaks hands, at least we might get some content. NantG cutting out the Devs also meant cutting out the Cancerous "Revert Cult" of players. Now Daybreak is going to do whatever THEY feel is best with the game and if anyone wants to keep playing it then they have to just deal with whatever direction they decide to go. Daybreak certainly has a lot more resources for the game than NantG allowed Arclegger and company. Theyve got the Season 3 foundation for the game so anything else they decided to do would only be a plus.

  • UniformMeatUniformMeat Member ✭✭

    The revert cult was not cancerous man... the revert cult was a mother that cared for her child. This community cares about the health of this game and this games prime health was seen at 150000 players. The community loves this game and the rever would have been the best thing for it. Unfortunately they did no advertising so not many new players came to the game to get a feel for it. It was just old players wanting to try it out again. The revert and advertising were the only things that would save this game. Nothing else will help it at this point, hence why lobbies on PlayStation 4 don’t even fill up. Day break makes s hit decisions and s hit games. It’s all over man, new content is the real cancer when it comes to daybreak. Knew content was the cancer that killed our baby to begin with. Us getting mad at the baby’s health only made it worse. Now the baby’s dead and gone but will always be remembered as the best br game to exist. This game will never be restored, and now that daybreak owns it, servers will soon shut down.

  • YovaLyTYovaLyT Member ✭✭✭

    youre just proving my example by what you said. You said "new content is the real cancer". just think about that.. why would you not want new reasons to keep playing? new attractions to draw you in? Fun things to do while in game? New toys to use to add some variety? it doesnt make any sense? And then you add in the toxic community that H1 is, which make it even less enjoyable. Nowadays.. streamers are the advertisement... Streamers dont want to stream a game with players like that.. Its not fun for them. Since Arc and Company were so **** whipped by the community, they could never make any progress. The players wouldnt let them do anything. "Put Ranks back in Regular Solos!" "Remove Ranked Pro!" "Remove E-tips!" Remove this remove that. Once NantG saw how much the players had a hold on the Dev's they cut them lose. So CUT the cancerous players as well. get rid of them! If you dont like whatever comes next then too bad. we dont need the negative energy anyways. I love this game and Im thankful i can still play it.

  • SleigeRSleigeR Member

    @YovaLyT said:
    Now Daybreak is going to do whatever THEY feel is best with the game and if anyone wants to keep playing it then they have to just deal with whatever direction they decide to go. Daybreak certainly has a lot more resources for the game than NantG allowed Arclegger and company.

    we saw how that went out LUL

  • YovaLyTYovaLyT Member ✭✭✭

    @SleigeR if you don’t like daybreak then move along. Simple as that. If you want to keep playing the game then you just have to deal it. Let’s see who the real die hard fans are.

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