If you're here Daybreak...

domundichdomundich Member ✭✭✭

I don't expect you to want to put much time or resources into the game, we've all seen the player numbers, but please do these few minor things:

  1. Unlock Combat Zone immediately.
  2. Implement the old models as NantG had intended to do.
  3. Unlock ALL untradeable skins immediately.

These few things would go a long way to winning over what's left of the community.


  • RStarphoenixRStarphoenix Member

    combat zone was removed because it hurt the game. nantg was going to kill it.
    no need to bring it back, what's left should be in pubs, not camping in training mode.

  • domundichdomundich Member ✭✭✭

    So instead of the possibility of bringing players back to the game, albeit not in Solos but would still add to the general playerbase, you choose to exclude those players.

    Combat Zone wasn't locked because it hurt the game, it was locked because the community indulged itself, as usual, in a sustained Twitter based whinge. If it was hurting the game, the population wouldn't have dropped from around 12k on launch of Season 3 to be under 2k concurrent right now would it....

  • domundichdomundich Member ✭✭✭

    Let me be clear too, I'm not saying Combat Zone will revitalise the game, or bring it success. My point if anything is that Daybreak may as well unlock Combat Zone and let those players that enjoyed it have the choice to enjoy it again.

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