Hello, I am Jake.

Z1BR was one of my biggest passions. Once they updated to season three, I saw they announced Ranked Pro, and I knew that this was finally my chance to play in a showdown. I grinded for over 100 hours of Z1BR and achieved 16th Place in Ranked Pro Mode just to qualify for the showdown. The showdown was going to be determined by Ranked Pro standings. I saw a response from someone else's ticket stating that the showdown rewards were going to be granted to RANKED PRO Leaderboards, and boy was I relieved. I am told that the rewards are going to be given to Regular Solos Leaderboard now? Hold on one second, This Must be fixed ASAP. There is a reason we all played in ranked pro mode, against the best players in the game, receiving headaches of hardcore gameplay just to receive our reward. This is now STRIPPED right away from us? You are going to Grant Showdown Prizes to Players who DID NOT want to qualify for the showdown, other than the HARDCORE Fanbase who grinded their butt off spending nearly all of their time JUST TO Qualify? I need a response on this ASAP. I spent almost my entire time since season 3 came out, just GRINDING to finally earn a reward I thought I deserved, but now I see you are treating your loyal fans like this?? I am currently #16 on the NA Ranked Pro Leaderboard. I need an answer asap. (this is basically 100% taken from my support ticket. I was told to post it on here.)

a very VERY pissed off player.


  • NePathNePath Member

    Give Rewards to Regular Solos if you must, but also Give Rewards to Ranked Pro too! It is not fair to be stripped away from something we were initially promised.

  • PanchitimePanchitime Member

    I think they will give awards like Pro and Atk. Ordinary. In fact, Pro played a lot of “cool” players ..

  • TemperedTempered Member

    The fact you can advertise competitive players to all Funnel into one game mode as our game got the newest patch for season 3 and had lots of regular/new/ and old players come back. So I decided to grind RP because that’s how you were only able to obtain exclusive skins for the Showdown. Now that the game resides with daybreak how the hell can you sweep under the rug all the hours me and my fellow friends put into Ranked Pro to attempt to get these skins? (I got 65th NA, it’s was an absolute pain!) Your just gonna dump them off to top 75 regular people who had bigger lobbies then us. If you even saw the type of games/ lobby sizes we had to even try and get ranked, you’d be in shock.. you’d probably think “oh wow they definitely deserve skins for the level of play and type of players they face.” But now we’re being treated like dirt about this whole thing. Just give RP what they played for and everything will work out fine. Only reason people are upset and mad is because we put lots of time into these games daily.. and another reminder it was only about 30 player lobbies once REGULAR SOLOS DIED OUT. The last of us here are the dedicated, the ones who care about the game even after the demise long ago. So please respect us, and the original word given to us about RP and the Showdown skins. Thank you.

  • StrikeZoneStrikeZone Member

    did you really expect DBG to keep any of thier word? if you did, you havnt been paying attention. This is the company who destroyed thier won skin economy at its peak players. do you think its a coincidence that the game had a massive decline the following month. They promised to fix cod rushing by adding an animation to stop teleportation in and out of cars. never happened. Because they believed that it would hinder competitive play, not carrying if it would alienate new and average players.

    So do you really think they give a dam about your 100 hours in ranked pro. no.

    Also before anyone starts talking about giving it to both players. thats just a bad idea. the rewards was supposed to be for the best, not players in full lobbies kill noobs while everyone who wanted the showdown reward was in Ranked pro.

  • StrikeZoneStrikeZone Member

    I will also never understand, why they didnt just close solo que and solo leaderboards and push everyone into the ranked pro leader boards. Everyone would have been happy then and the over inflated solo scores wouldnt have counted.

  • StrikeZoneStrikeZone Member

    Dont forget every fight in Ranked pro was a final Boss fight. compared to the new players in solos

  • NePathNePath Member

    @StrikeZone said:
    Dont forget every fight in Ranked pro was a final Boss fight. compared to the new players in solos

    Yes. 100% agreed! Took a way higher amount of skill other than literally farming noobs every game.

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